All rugs are hand knotted, using the Beni Ouarain technique, in small Berber villages close to Marrakesh. Made with 100% sheep wool. It was quite a challenge to find the exact colours, all hand dyed by the wool painter. All rugs are hand woven by women artisans, who used their own weaving-loom. The drawings are based on Roos Vandekerckhove’s designs. Rugs take over a month to be finished. Each rug is a unique piece.

Rugs that are sold out, can still be ordered and take a month to be manufactured.

Roos Vandekerckhove also offers rugs made to measure. She can visit you at your home, to listen to your personal wishes for a custom-made rug. In close collaboration with Roos Vandekerckhove, you can choose the sizes, colours and design of your desired carpet.
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